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Our Treatments

Skin & Glo's Signature Tailor Made Facials

This signature facial is like no other! With each and every one of our tailor-made facials we listen to your concerns and assess your skin to devise the best treatment plan for your unique skin needs. This will consist of tailor made skin treatments in clinic and the very best ongoing home care regime to continue at home, to achieve the best results possible! We use all of our cutting edge technologies including our Radio frequency, Face Gym device, LED Light therapy, Jade stones, Suction cups and Advanced Alumier Pells, alongside a holistic approach of facial message to achieve immediate, long lasting results which will make your skin look noticeably vibrant and healthy. These treatments are amazing whatever your concern!

Skin&Glo's Tailor Made 60 minute Facial (Skin Pen not included) | £80.00

Skin&Glo's Tailor Made 90 minute Facial (Skin Pen not included) | £120.00

Skin&Glo's Tailor Made 120 minute Facial (Skin Pen not included) | £160.00

Acne Treatments

During our acne treatments we believe that light to medium peels lead to excellent results and by having these treatments repeated, you are able to achieve the best results with avoiding any side effects and downtime which is associated with deeper peels. Light progressive peels are the way forward, not aggressive peels.

Target Acne Mini 30 minutes | £35.00

This is the perfect pick me up for congested, oily or acne skins to detoxify and decongest. We combine steam, extraction, and a light peel for them quick results.

The Glo Peel 60 minutes | £65.00

A light alpha hydroxy peel to illuminate the skin to make that skin ‘Glo’! Alongside steam, extraction, treatment prep mask and 20 minutes LED Light Therapy. This will help to heal, sanitise and banish those pesky black heads.

Alumier Customised 20/10 Peel 60 minutes | £85.00

The perfect customised alpha hydroxy acid peel to exfoliate dead skin cells and speed up cell turnover. So perfect for acne, congestion, textural problems, open pores and oily skins. Includes a deep cleanse, extraction, treatment prep mask, intense peel, brightening boost and LED light therapy. This treatment includes a post treatment aftercare kit to use 5 days following the treatment.

Anti Ageing Treatments

Target Ageing Mini 30 minutes | £35.00

A brilliant mini introductory treatment to help plump fine lines and sculpt your facial muscles. We firstly give your skin a deep cleanse and follow our EMS muscle contracting device to contour the neck and lower face and to finish we carry out our stimulating facial massage to lift, sculpt and contour all 43 muscles of the face.

Eye or Lip Recovery 30 minutes | £35.00

The Perfect mini facial for anyone that is concerned with either the eye or lip area. We use our radio frequency device to plump, volumize and smooth out any fine lines and drain away any dark circles.

Alumier Customised Glow Peel 60 minutes | £90.00

The BEST anti-ageing peel to restore your skin’s collagen and elastin fibres. Alongside removing any build up of dead skin cells to brighten the skin and improve any textural problems. Includes a deep cleanse, treatment prep mask, intense alpha hydroxy acid and enzyme peel, retinol infusion and we then finish the skin with LED Light therapy.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening - Face 45 minutes | £80.00

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening - Face & Neck 60 minutes | £110.00

Tighten & Sculpt! Using multi polar radio-frequency, this treatment works by stimulating your own collagen production and increasing oxygen within the skin. This improves cell regeneration for giving those immediate and long lasting results. This treatment is amazing for firming, lifting and improving your facial contours. We finish this treatment with a stimulating facial massage to lift, sculpt and contour all 43 muscles of the face for that extra boost.

SkinPen FDA Approved Mesotherapy - 75 minutes | £190.00

During this facial we apply an exfoliating peel to remove the build up of dead skin cells and then create microscopic-channels in the skin which is proven to regenerate collagen and elastin, resulting in healthier, smoother, younger looking skin. Once we have needled we then apply Filorga NCTF 135HA®, which is a potent cocktail of 59 ingredients which include hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C & E, Amino acids and more! Followed by LED Light Therapy for 30 minutes following the needling. Skin cells begin to renew and repair within hours but the true results of this facial are 4-6 weeks onwards.

Profhilo | £250.00

Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid, injectable skin remodelling treatment which assists in rejuvenating the skin. Profhilo offers the best results in 2 treatment sessions. It is injected into 5 points on the face. Profhilo stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin, the vital components of youthful, toned skin. This happens due to the slow release of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance within the body, which depletes over time. The stimulation of these substances results in the significant improvement in skin quality, tone and texture. Profhilo is not a dermal filler; it consists of a new hyaluronic acid gel. Profhilo can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can complement other skin treatments.

Scarring Treatments

SkinPen FDA Approved Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Full Face 90 minutes | £190.00

Say hello to smooth flawless skin, using the BEST and SAFEST micro needling device on the market! CST is a minimally invasive procedure which delivers incredible results, helping to improve the appearance of scar tissue, lines and wrinkles and thickened sun damaged skin. It works by stimulating the body’s natural wound healing response. When we cause trauma to the skin it releases cytokines and growth factors that lead to the formation of new collagen and elastin. Once we have needled the skin we apply a potent antioxidant and vitamin rich serum to the skin to generate growth factors and end with our LED Light Therapy to sterilise the skin and to boost your collagen production even more!

Pigmentation Treatment

Target Pigmentation Mini 30 minutes | £35.00

A quick brighten up for those sun damaged skins. A great introductory pigmentation treatment!

Alumier Customised Glow Peel 60 minutes | £90.00

Melasma or sun damage? Then we’ve got you! This pigmentation treatment uses the most potent, active enzyme peel to help lighten and brighten the skin and to strengthen your collagen and elastin. We then finish the skin with our LED light therapy. This peel increases in strength over a course of treatments. This treatment also includes a post treatment kit to use for 5 days following the treatment for best results.

Rosacea Treatments

Alumier Radiant Peel 60 minutes | £85.00

The rosacea recovery peel is best to have in a course of treatment for best results. It does not irritate or aggravate the skin. It is designed to constrict your skin’s blood capillaries and eliminate any redness within the skin, without leaving the skin hot and irritated. We end this treatment with a cooling facial massage with our cold jade stones to soothe. This treatment also includes a post treatment kit to use for 5 days following the treatment for best results.

Body Treatments

Radio Frequency skin tightening is an amazing treatment for anyone with loss of elasticity in their skin or anyone who wants to improve the appearance of cellulite. It is a non surgical and safe treatment that delivers incredible results. Say hello to that beach bod!
*Please note that we do offer courses for all the treatments.

Radio Frequency Brazilian Bum Lift 30 minutes | £100.00

Radio Frequency Arm OR Stomach Tightening 30 minutes | £100.00

Indulgent Treats

At Skin&Glo we also offer these indulgent treats that really will send you to heaven! We like to treat the body with a holistic approach and stimulate your senses. We use a range of different massage techniques, pressures, oils and tools to suit all of our clients needs, to ensure that you leave with the tension you came in with melted away and de-stressed.

Skin&Glo's Retreat Facial 60 minutes | £60.00

Skin&Glo's Full body exfoliation 90 minutes | £90.00

Reflexology 40 minutes | £40.00

Indulgent massage 25 minutes | £25.00

Indulgent massage 40 minutes | £40.00

Indulgent massage 55 minutes | £55.00

ndulgent massage 70 minutes | £70.00

Indulgent massage 85 minutes | £85.00

Foot and Leg massage 40 minutes | £40.00

Scalp, Shoulders and Arm Massage 40 minutes | £40.00

Hot stone 25 minutes | £25.00

Hot stone 40 minutes | £40.00

Hot stone 55 minutes | £55.00

Other Treatments

Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage 25 minutes | £25.00
Deep tissue massage 40 minutes | £40.00
Deep tissue massage 55 minutes | £55.00
Deep tissue massage 70 minutes | £70.00

Maximise Your Results With Our Addons!

These 15 minute addons can be added onto any face/body treatment for that extra boost for only £15!

– LED Light Therapy
– Muscle Stimulating Purelift
– Blackhead/Milia Extraction
– Facial Massage
– 15 Minute Massage of your choice
Want more?.. Then why not add on radio frequency for an extra £30!

Hair Removal

Warm/Hot wax eyebrows | £10.00

Warm/Hot wax upper lip | £10.00

Warm/Hot wax chin | £10.00

Warm/Hot upper lip + chin | £16.00

Warm/Hot upper lip + chin + eyebrows | £20.00

Warm wax full leg + warm/hot wax bikini | £38.00

Warm wax half leg + warm/hot wax bikini | £28.00

Warm/Hot wax bikini line | £15.00

Warm/Hot wax underarm | £10.00

Warm wax half leg | £20.00

Warm wax full leg | £30.00

Warm wax half arm | £15.00

Warm wax full arm | £20.00

Warm wax back | £20.00

Warm wax chest | £18.00

Lashes & Brows

Eyelash tint | £18.00

Eyebrow tint | £10.00

Eyebrow + eyelash tint | £25.00

Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint | £18.00

Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint + eyelash tint | £29.00

Events & Programs

Skin Parties and Events…

Have a party or special occasion?.. If so then we’ve got you covered! For small groups we can come to you where you are able to have skin/massage treatments from the comfort of your own home or alternatively you are able to hire out the clinic where we provide Prosecco and nibbles for that real luxury touch!

Please send us an email and we can give you a quotation based on your needs!

Wedding Prep Eek!

Whether you are a bride, groom or special guest then it is always important to look and feel your best for the big day! So why not pop in for a consultation where we can come up with a completely tailored skin or body program to achieve the best results possible whether it is 12, 6 or 3 months prior to the big day